Doing our bit for climate change

The SRJ team know that the environment is important and we have tried to do our bit. From water saving in our early days to recycling and indoor drying areas. We even installed solar panels in May 2017 to reduce our carbon foot print. With single use plastic being the focus of the environmental fight recently we think it is time we review how we pack our rugs and we wanted YOUR VIEWS!

Currently we use recyclable  plastic bags and practically this works well for many reasons but we are concerned about our environmental impact. We are in the process of researching different options and have two that we really like and could be just as good if not better. 

The options we have been looking in to are Durable Bio Plastics and Re Usable Fabric Rug Bags. On the 17th we launched a vote on our Facebook pages. (SRJ Equine and SRJ Equine Laundry give us a like for more updates!) The vote ran for 8 days and we invited our mailing list, regular customers, as well a members of local horse riding groups to have their say. 

99 people voted! (12% Durable Bio Plastics and 88% Re Usable Fabric Rug Bags.) We also got some useful feedback and discussions that we are working with to make sure you still get the same high standard of service with out the enviro-guilt. From the vote and feedback we are in the process of sourcing BOTH options.

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