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Our Riders Rosie & Rambo Tell A Friend Update

Rosie is 14 years old and her current horse is “Rambo” at 15.3hh 18-year-old Connemara.   

She has been a member of the Avon Vale Hunt PC since she was 4 years old (on “Cobweb”) and also attends Bath Riding Club.  Rosie has a riding scholarship at Stonar, and is a member of their Riding Squad, representing the School at 80 & 90cm SJ and ODE’s and was part of the winning team in the British Showing Just4Schools 90cm Championships.  

After swearing never to have another grey (thought it was lesson learnt from early hunt days) – guess what Rambo is just that!  It is a good job Rosie’s mum is slightly OCD as she tries to ensure they are impeccably turned out, helped by frequent rug cleaning provided by SRJ  Equine Laundry.

Rosie lives close to her family farm, near Corsham, and can often be seen out hacking around Neston/Box with her friend (beware you may need ear plugs as she also sings a lot to him!).  

She is currently trained by Nikki Clarke and her main fun is SJ, ODEs, hacking, fun rides or just playing in the field.  Both easily distracted - horse and rider! - try listening out for Rosie & Rambo competing (even the commentators note she constantly chats to Rambo the entire way around a course) as it keeps them focussed.

Their aim this year is to compete in The Cotswold Cup, do the Stonar ISODE but, most importantly, it is to have fun riding wherever they may be.  

We thank Sally and Russell of SRJ Equine Laundry /Products for following their journey from the beginning, having faith in them and now giving them this wonderful opportunity.

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