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As part of this process we will require your Full Name, Email, Phone Number and Addess for rug collections and order delivery. All details are held in accordance with our privacy and data collection policies. (Full T's and C's HERE.) If you are unable or unwilling to provide these details it may prevent us from providing services to you to the standard you require.

1. Go to Select "Login" from the Top right hand corner.

2. Click "Create New Profile" at the bottom of the list.


3. Choose how you wish to sign in and follow the login instructions.

We recomend NOT logging in via Facebook or other linked acounts for security reasons but this is the simplest and most convenient option providing your details on Facebook or Google are up to date and secure.

We suggest entering details requested: Full Name, Email and Password (to create one), in the boxes labelled, manually to create your account. 

 4. Enter your details in the labelled boxes.

You can add an image if you wish but this is optional by clicking on the grey avatar picture and following instuctions to upload an image.

The comment box is optional but is a good place to leave any extra information you feel may be relevent to your service. For example:

  • Alternative addresses for order delivery to rug collection.
  • Gate codes for secure yards or delivery boxes.
  • Location instructions if your address is often difficult to find.
  • Secret collected or drop off area instuctions if in a less ovbious place.

Once happy your details are correct click "Continue".

Congratulations you are all set up and can now book collection or drop off services online! TO BOOK CLICK HERE

For help with drop off service booking CLICK HERE.

For help with collection service booking CLICK HERE.

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