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 Does my rug need to be washed to be reproofed or repaired?
Yes - We would like our customers to note that to comply with Hygiene & Health and Safety Standards, to protect our machinists from unnecessary risk, injury and harm  ALL RUGS MUST BE WASHED  before repairs can be carried out. This is in compliance with Health & Safety Act 1974 and recommended
by British  Equestrian Trading Association (BETA).
 We thank you for understanding and appreciate your help in keeping our staff safe and healthy.
How much does a wash and reproof cost?
Full basic pricelist is avaiable on our Laundry Service Page.
How much does a repair cost?
More infomation is available on our Repair Services Page.
When do you collect in my area?
Routes very by demand but current planed picked up routes and changes to routes are posted in Updates. Available locations and dates are updated via our Booking Website
How can I drop my rugs off to you?

Book An Apointment time with our team. Inform us how many rugs for washing or reproofing and any repairs you want done or not done. All rugs should be left in rug bags or folded tied up, bundled in groups of no more than 3 and left with a note of name and contact info that must be left with all rugs*. Changes to drop off protocals and requirments will be anounced via our Updates Page.


How do I book a collection or drop off?

You can book collections and drop offs Directly via our Booking Website or Contact Our Team if you have spesific needs to discuss.


What is the laundry turn around time?

Our standard turn around time aim is two weeks this may be shorter in quiet periods or extened in busy periods. We provide an emergency 24 hours service at a cost of £5 extra to listed price. However this is not always possible or garenteed during busy periods please Contact Us in advance to arrange.


How do you take laundry/ repair services payments?

We accept full payment via invoice through izettle before items are returned. This is becasue we can not acurately quote for repairs, dehairing or extra requirments with out seeing items in person. Untill we have seen them we can not by sure of extra charges that may be incured. All Extra Charges are outlined and defined on our website. Through our website we can accept Card, Paypal, SRJ Equine Gift Card and Bank Transfer, Card Payment or Cash (with pre arrangement with the team) for remaining or full invoices.

Last Updated:27/08/2021